Our Services

Mapping and GIS Services

Our Geomatic team have more than 10 years of experience to support our customer to create a map for their area of interest. Our team is able to create and custom your geospatial data (map) with a wide range of options and methods of data capturing and data processing. We able to combine the remote sensing data aqusition using satelite imagery, Lidar Airborn and UAV to capture and process the data to meet your requerment (ie, base map, topographic map, etc). We are able to do analysis on the top of your raster data for NDVI analysis, land use and landcover map, etc

OSMAP (One Spirit WebGIS Open Platform)

The information that is needed today has evolved not only textual information but also information that is integrated with the location (map). This information will be able to provide a more interactive picture and easier to analyze with visualizations on the map. OSMAP Technology allows integrating data textual over the map using the layering concept. Customers do not need to invest for basic maps and some statistical data because in the OSMAP Web Portal data is already available. OSMAP can also be integrated using API, Web service and joint table so that data and information can be integrated with the application existing or system.


SIOPAS is designed and built to meet the needs of asset management and asset optimization, where it can also display reports and dashboards that can be tailored to the user’s needs. Some examples of the capabilities of this solution are being able to display visual images of the asset’s distribution of the following detailed information about existing assets, on the map. Information can be a photo, a video or a digital document.

Siopas Plus is designed to manage mobile assets (vehicles, heavy equipment and other moving assets).


Monitoring Human Resource in the field is become a mandatory make sure the employee work effective and efficient to meet the target and also to make sure the security and safety of the employee. We proudly release our Solution we called GeoHR in beginning of 2019 to integrated Human Resource system with Geospatial (Map) system.

OSLOG (Fleet Management System)

We currently have more than 14 years of experience in Fleet Management Solution. Our learning process in Fleet Management has matured our system in this industry and we are committed to provide integrated solutions and benefits for our customers with the emphasis of innovation and ‘state of the art’ of technology to meet cost efficiency and effectivity. This is the commitment we stay true to develop our Fleet Management Solution. The current version of OSLOG is OSLOG JAVAZ Lite and OSLOG Javaz Enterprise. This is the fifth version of our Fleet Management system (OSLOG).

OSCARP (Car Pooling)

Management operational company fleet has challenges to make sure operation of the company working effective and efficient way, as well as giving optimum result for customer satisfaction.

OSCARP (One Spirit Car Pooling) is the right solution and it answers the needs and challenges of management operational company fleet.


Business competition requires us to give more additional values of the product and services that we are offering as well as new concepts to customer experience using new innovation and right technology. One Spirit Multimedia Entertainment (OSME) is a Multimedia Entertainment Application offers interactive modern entertainment concepts. Users will be able to listen to music, watch video, play game as well as reading news using their smartphones without having internet connection. This solution is  best to be implemented in Hospital, Hotel, etc. The other benefit of OSME the company who operate the public transport mainly bus can enjoy not only new revenue stream and multimedia entertainment but also capabilities of our Fleet Management System (preventive maintenance, control monitoring and others),  we called OSME Plus.

Agrisource Data

The newest and most advanced  technology  in Geospatial analysis is to use an artificial intelligence platform to analyze the condition of a plantation using satellite imagery integrated with real time sensors (i.e, water level sensor, humidity, etc). The information and analysis can be delivered to the customer every 2 weeks time period. This information will be useful for the plantation company to control the usage of fertilizer (fertilizer will implement in the right area) and also to monitor the impact of the fertilizer due before and after the fertilizer process.