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When We Believe Anything Could Happen, Even the Impossible One...
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We believe that the Industry currently needs a one-stop solution to address the complex challenges.
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We believe that during the economic situation challenges. Companies need to focus on their core competencies.
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We believe that we couldn’t create a solution simply relying on Internal company resource.
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We believe in the values of team work. Team work isn’t limited to the team work within the company but it covers team work between other companies as well.
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Integrasia Utama believes that integration can increase value. This is the reason behind our idea of an open platform (One Spirit Ecosystem).
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“An Open Platform One Spirit ECOSystem is a bridge enabling people to integrate their system to become an Enterprise System. We Can Achieve It When We Synergize….”
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One Spirit Eco System 

The widespread use of online commerce, tracking, ride sharing and applications in Indonesia clearly demonstrates the Indonesians’s passion to harness the power of technology. It underlines the spirit to secure progress and introduce new technology. In return, it leads to a significant growth of application and software production across the nation.

The growth of startups and enterprise-scale developers in technology transformation  has inspired a  next generation of software developers. This generation of digital nomads believes that the future belongs to the hands of those with the clear understanding on how to tap these new opportunities

Integrasia Utama has the mission to harness this formidable force for greater good. Since day one, Integrasia Utama has a vision to build pool of Indonesian talents to present one platform accessible to all produced commercial software. With each software contributing to its specific purposes, the whole system will be able to respond to most of the challenges in the business world.

Integrasia Utama simply calls it Integrasia Data Model (IDM). IDM envisions integrated platform of produced software. IDM improves efficiency from square one, allowing customers to enjoy the full benefit of enterprise-wide solutions in a more affordable way.

The ecosystem is developed using Open Platform with IDM (Integrasia Data Model) as a core of process and database model using Geospatial (Map) and Tracking technology. This platform will enable integration with other startup companies’ product or other software products (ERP system), This concept is in line with our vision of Integration Brings Value.

Core of One Spirit Platform Value :

IDM (Integrasia Data Model) is an Open Standard database Structure and Database Model supporting the Industry to accelerate the development of their system to manage business. By using this standard open Database Structure and Data Base Model, the application (software) can be simpler and more flexible to be integrated with other applications (software).

Geospatial (One Spirit Map)

Platform that contain map and geospatial engine to enabler our partners, startup company and development community to integrated geospatial into their solution and application.


Platform that enables collecting real time data from Mobile phone, personal GPS tracking and other tracking device to be integrated Geospatial (map) and with others system.

IOT Platform

Our solution focus on IOT to enabler and speed up adoption of Industry 4.0 in companies.


Application program interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API specifies how software components should interact.  Sample Apps and Integration Model is the simple application as the model on how to utilize One Spirit Eco System API. Enabling our API will able to integrated with others solution.

Welcome our new version of OSLOG

Welcoming OSLOG Javaz the end-to-end fleet management solution. Our improvement that we build to support logistic and transportation industry.

Welcome our new version of OSLOG

Welcoming OSLOG Javaz Lite, our improvement that we build to support small-medium company in logistic and transportation.

Download Here OSLOG Mobile

This mobile apps is working as a tools of OSLOG. The main function of OSLOG are:

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Enjoy the Fleet Management System basic functions with this app.

You need to register to use this app.

Basic functions you get for free:

Available in Google Play

This mobile apps is working as a tools of OSLOG Javaz Enterprise. This Apps is instaled in driver mobile phone. 

The main function of OSPOD are :