The vision and purpose of the One Spirit Ecosystem is collaboration

Our vision is to empower small businesses globally, steering them towards the broader goal of Industry 4.0. Our step-by-step approach begins with the digitalization of data, progresses to utilizing analytical insights, and integrates predictive and automated artificial intelligence tailored to diverse sector needs. At the core of our Ecosystem is geospatial capability, recognizing its vital role in today's IT development. We emphasize the importance of IoT support, gathering data from field sensors for machine learning and AI. Despite challenges in acquiring remote data, we enhance capabilities through machine-to-machine connectivity with scalable networks. Our solutions, presented as APIs and frameworks, are inclusive for any sector. Collaborating with leading industries, we co-create bespoke solutions, adding value to their processes and our platform. Our commitment to mutual growth through collaboration is reflected in our tagline: Integration Brings Value.

Our recent work

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Transforming Agro-Industry with OSPLANT in Indonesia


OSPLANT stands as a testament to the seamless integration within the One Spirit Ecosystem, fully harnessing the capabilities of Integrasia's products. In this innovative project, OSPLANT maximizes the synergy between IntegrAsia's offerings. OSMAP takes the lead in identifying the health status of crops and determining their readiness for farming, seamlessly communicating with tractors and other agricultural tools. OSLOG ensures optimal efficiency in all vehicles, be it supply trucks or on-farm machinery. Meanwhile, OSPRO takes center stage for project management, providing a cohesive solution that integrates effortlessly with other Integrasia products. The success of this endeavor is a direct result of the harmonious and streamlined workflow facilitated by the One Spirit Ecosystem, simplifying tasks and enhancing productivity through the utilization of our existing software and products at Integrasia Utama.

Client Profile:

The client sought to enhance productivity, reduce operational costs, and ensure sustainable plantation practices.

The OSPLANT Solution:

Chlorophyll Assessment with Satellite Imagery:OSPLANT utilizes cutting-edge satellite imagery technology to assess the overall health of plants based on chlorophyll levels. This allows plantation managers to identify potential issues before they escalate.
On-Site IoT Implementation: Real-time insights into critical factors such as soil humidity, weather conditions, and fire detection are provided through on-site IoT implementation. This data-driven approach minimizes dispatch costs and reduces the likelihood of human errors.
Integration with OSPRO:The client implemented OSPRO, a project management solution seamlessly integrated with OSPLANT. Geospatial technology and IoT in OSPRO enhanced collaboration, boosted productivity, and ensured the on-time, on-budget success of plantation projects.
Optimizing Logistics with OSLOG:To streamline the distribution process, OSLOG, the fleet management solution, was introduced. This led to a significant reduction in operational costs, improved resource utilization, and enhanced overall efficiency in the transportation of agricultural products.
Asset Management with SIOPAS:SIOPAS, a geospatial and IoT-powered asset management platform, further augmented the efficiency of the client. Real-time insights into asset performance, usage, and maintenance needs were obtained, eliminating the need for extensive surveys and enhancing overall asset management.


Increased Productivity:By leveraging OSPLANT, the client experienced increased productivity in plantation management. Timely intervention based on satellite imagery and IoT insights led to improved crop yields.
Cost Reduction:The integration of OSPRO, OSLOG, and SIOPAS resulted in substantial cost reductions across various operational facets, from project management to logistics and asset maintenance.
Sustainable Practices:OSPLANT's real-time monitoring of environmental factors enabled the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices.
Conclusion:The implementation of OSPLANT, coupled with OSPRO, OSLOG, and SIOPAS, transformed the agro-industrial landscape in Indonesia. The One Spirit Ecosystem's comprehensive approach not only optimized plantation management but also set the stage for a more sustainable and technologically advanced future in the country's agro-industry.