Beyond Project Management

OSPRO is a project management tool designed as an integrated solution to simplify project planning, execution, and monitoring. Utilizing the latest technology, OSPRO helps improve efficiency, optimize resources, and ensure project success.

- Project Planning: Efficiently plan project phases, resources, and schedules.
- Team Collaboration: Provides a collaborative platform for easier communication and teamwork.
- Real-Time Monitoring: Delivers live visibility into project progress.
- Analysis and Reporting: Allows project data analysis and informative report generation.

- OSPRO helps with project planning by offering powerful tools:
- Create detailed schedules: Break down projects into tasks and set timelines.
- Allocate resources efficiently: Assign tasks based on team member skills and availability.
- Track key milestones: Identify and monitor important checkpoints for progress measurement.

- Yes, OSPRO integrates with other commonly used project management software like accounting or team collaboration tools. This allows for:
- Consolidated data: View project finances (costs, expenses, billing) alongside project details in OSPRO.
- Streamlined collaboration: Connect OSPRO to your team collaboration platform for communication, task management, and file sharing.

The OSPRO implementation process involves understanding your needs, assessing your current system, customizing OSPRO for your workflow, training your team, and launching the platform with ongoing support.


Optimize Moving Asset

OSLOG is an integrated fleet management system designed specifically to improve efficiency and management in the logistics and transportation industry. Using the latest technology, OSLOG helps facilitate the process, improve visibility, and optimize operational performance.

- Operational Optimization: OSLOG helps optimize every stage of operations, from order management, planning, and execution to reporting, to improve efficiency.
- Enhanced Visibility: Provides real-time visibility into the entire supply chain and fleet, enabling faster and more informed decision-making.
- Cost Savings: Through meticulous monitoring and process automation, OSLOG helps significantly reduce operational costs.

Yes, OSLOG is designed for easy integration with existing systems. Its customizable interface allows for seamless integration with other software or systems without any difficulties.

The implementation process is guided by our expert team and includes needs analysis, system configuration, user training, and performance monitoring to ensure a smooth transition.

- Yes, OSLOG can function without GPS. The features offered by OSLOG are still able to support your fleet management needs.
- OSLOG offers features such as proof of delivery, preventive maintenance reminders, and document reminders that work without GPS.


Geospatial Asset Optimization

SIOPAS is an asset management platform that helps companies and organizations manage their assets more efficiently and accurately through the integration of economic data, high-precision location data collection, and geospatial analytics features.

SIOPAS works by collecting and integrating asset data, performing inventory and digitization of asset information, and providing real-time asset control, monitoring, and maintenance features.

The main features of SIOPAS include asset inventory, high-precision location data collection, database integration, asset monitoring and maintenance, customizable alerts, IoT integration, interactive dashboard, and geospatial analytics.

- SIOPAS helps in decision-making by providing accurate data and comprehensive geospatial analysis, enabling management to make better and faster decisions based on available information.
- SIOPAS improves operational efficiency by enabling quick and accurate asset location data collection, real-time monitoring, and integration with IoT for more efficient energy use.

- Yes, SIOPAS can be integrated with existing systems through APIs and the integration of scanned legal data with asset data on maps.
- SIOPAS also supports integration with IoT devices such as CCTV and other sensors, enabling real-time asset monitoring and real-time data analysis from IoT devices.


Entertaiment on Demant System

OSME is a product that provides free access to entertainment content such as music, movies, and TV programs through users' smartphones.

OSME works by providing access to high-quality entertainment content that users can access through their smartphones while in waiting areas that offer the OSME service.

The main features of OSME include diverse and regularly updated entertainment content, easy access via smartphones, no cost, measurable user data and analytics for waiting area owners, and online customer support.

- Users can access OSME through their smartphones by connecting to the Wi-Fi network provided in waiting areas that support OSME.
- Users can directly access the content through their device's browser.

- OSME provides high-quality entertainment for free, making waiting times more enjoyable and less boring.
- OSME offers a variety of entertainment content, including music and movies, which are regularly updated.

- OSME provides free access to entertainment content for all users.
- It generates revenue through advertisements and promotions displayed at locations offering this service, adding value for waiting area owners.

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