Asset Optimization System

SIOPAS Web Portal is an integrated solution, providing information and control of the current asset condition. Solution Siopas is a solution built by the nation’s experts (100% Indonesia), therefore the solution can be adapted to the needs of asset management and asset optimization. This solution can also be integrated with an asset information system that may already exist and has been used today. In addition, this solution can display visual images about the distribution of assets in detail information about the assets on the map along with other information such as photos, videos or digital documents. SIOPAS is specially designed for the ability to analyse asset processing on the map.

Mobile and Stationary Asset Optimization.

Stationary Asset SIOPAS (Land, Building, Bridge, etc.)

Detailed asset deployment information with the visualizations above the map provides more interactive information for policymakers to make precise and accurate decisions in managing assets, with a number of resources and spreads in various locations.

As illustrations of SIOPAS can provide information on local government assets for an area that must meet certain requirements, for example:

  • The area of the land that is utilized should have a minimum land area.
  • The land should be close to the highway.
  • The land should be close to center of crowds.

SIOPAS is able to monitor and control local government assets so that the utilization of assets can be maximized for the benefit of society. Asset management that is not well-organized will lead to many problems later on.

SIOPAS is integrated with the Minds-MS application, a system operated to receive data of geodetic coordinate point measurement through mobile phone applications and data collection (survey) coordinates also the data (attribute) of soil or building to facilitate the updating of asset data.

Solutions that can be integrated with existing area proprietary information systems, have asset data visualization capabilities on top of the map following detailed information about assets, and have the ability to be accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Moving Asset SIOPASPlus (Ambulance, Operational Vehicle, Heavy Equipment dll)

Some functions of SIOPASPlus

Advantages of SIOPAS & SIOPASPlus