The development of information technology is very rapid, as well as the social and cultural development of the community has given birth to new concepts to pamper customers, increase loyal customers and always try to find new sources of revenue by utilizing innovation and technology.   One Spirit Multimedia Entertainment (OSME) or generally can be said as Multimedia Entertainment Application has a modern interactive entertainment concept, users will get access to listen to music, enjoy videos, play games, even view news (information) using a Smartphone without requiring an internet connection . This solution is very suitable to be implemented in hospitals, hotels, waiting rooms etc. so that “waiting is no longer make us boring”.

The platform enable the owner of the place to generate new revenue stream from the advertising.

Using OSME (On Board Multimedia Entertainment) :

Benefits for Users


Basically, the OSME PLUS solution shares many common features with OSME, the distinction is simply that this solution can be installed in the vehicle (buses, trains, ships and other mass transportation facilities). Its ability extends beyond that of OSME, as it can perform the function of ‘Control and Monitoring’ of the moving vehicles.  

With the ability to perform ‘Control & Monitoring’, the company is able to monitor real time the position of the vehicles, the activity performed during travel to check whether the vehicle takes the designated route or makes irregular stops that violate the company policy, violates the speed limit and drives properly (without sudden stop or sudden acceleration, does not violate the speed limit within normal timeframe), as well as other information that are closely related to vehicles and drivers.

OSME Dashboard Bus

The company can also obtain other information related to the vehicles such as the notification informing that the scheduled time for regular maintenance is fast approaching. Regular maintenance includes lubricant  and tires replacement, and other activities related to the covered distance and the maximum use of vehicles.

The driver’s performance can be measured by using the data on drivers’ behaviour. Better behaviour will lead to more economic use of fuel and better car maintenance. This will have impact on the safety and comfort factor during travel.

The installment of camera will further help the management to monitor the activity of the crew during field assignment. Collecting passengers or accepting unofficial packages during the assignment can be avoided to prevent company losses.

All these efforts will further impact on the trust and loyalty of our customers.

Benefits for the passengers

The change in the behaviour in driving will directly impact the savings on the use of fuel. An improved driving behaviour will lead to more economical use of fuel.

We consider that health, security and safety are important factors. Therefore, we make 3 special modules to monitor the driving behaviour. These three modules are as follows:

By using some optional sensors such as RFID, QRCODE or other manual methods to enter the names and scheduled driving time, system can alert drivers if they have exceeded the working hours and suggest that drivers take a rest or change work shift with the reserve drivers.   

Any vehicles leaving the premises on duty needs to have them checked to ensure perfect condition and fulfil all the road worthiness regulated by the authorities and company. OSME PLUS ensures that system will alert drivers of the regular maintenance schedule. This regular schedule is calculated based on the time and mileage of each vehicle.

Sometimes delivery can be hindered by some simple problems such as the drivers’ licence being expired. This will lead to a delayed delivery time and additional related costs. OSME PLUS documents and alerts all the validity  period of the documents to ensure that all assets (vehicles) and driver who are on duty meet the existing regulation.

These two methods can ensure the time when fuel in the tank diminishes and this does not correspond with its activity (mileage) and to observe which vehicle are actually the most inefficient. This data can be integrated with one of the aims being the discrepancy of use and the identity of drivers and their actual whereabouts. With such analyses, the company can implement measures to deal with such irregularities based on factual data.

What are the methods used to improve the fuel efficiency and reduce fraudulent fuel consumption?

The efficiency of fuel consumption can be improved with monitoring and modification of drivers’ behaviour, yet there are more features that OSME PLUS has to offer: 

Our presented report and dashboard are designed to allow measurement on the remaining amount of fuel and at the same time to detect the pattern of fuel use in the form of a chart. 

For the past few years, providing entertainment in vehicles or train carriages has been the reason for additional cost as providing the internet facilities and top up payment for the credit can sometimes by unexpectedly high. The solution of OSME PLUS allows companies to add commercial or internal promotion information as well as other information. This allows company owners to monetize this and earn income form commercial slot. The commercial slot has an added value as this solution can provide passenger with information such as email, gender and other data to the commercial advertisement owners. This type of information is not previously accessible to the product owners as they mainly rely on billboard advertisement on the road as well as the digital commercial.   

In order to provide extra services for passengers we need to know our passengers. This data is often missing or has been very difficult to obtain. However, this data is important for the management as the basis for analyses in order to improve services, to create new program and interesting promotion. 

The services of OSME PLUS will be available for those who have filled in the form and the type of information will be tailored to suit the company’s purpose. This solution is not only designed for users, but the more detailed information can be obtained, such as the duration of login in the system, the duration of passengers viewing particular content as well as other reports. 

Some other examples that a company can obtain from the data collected by OSME and OSME PLUS to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction include: 

  1. Sending email or SMS blasting to express gratitude for using the service of the company.
  2. Delivering the promotional information and invitation for the launching of new service or new products.
  3. Delivering online survey
  4. Other activities