What you can get from WebGIS for Market Research

GIS help you to find the most strategic location and yield a way much bigger profit for your business. In GIS you will be given a choice or choice of strategic location for your business type, the location is surely a location with high accessibility so that your resource development or product distribution may be well and fruitful.In GIS for Market Research, PT Integrasia Utama assists you in solving some marketing or resource problem spatially.

In GIS we can determine where we should develop a resource, manage business operation, and answer some questions such as :

  • Who are our customers? What are their travel patterns?
  • Where are our competitors? What is their market share?
  • Where are our most profitable customers and where are there more like them?
  • How are our loan portfolios distributed? Does the distribution meet CRA requirements? Which branches are most utilised?
  • Where are untapped markets for new business? Which financial products fit our costumers need?
  • What factors or conditions contribute to our niche marketing?