GIS technology profoundly and positively impacts the way land managers, timber managers, and forestry specialists manage timber resources. GIS software helps foresters and land managers meet the needs of their forests, the demands of society, and the pressures of economic efficiency.Land Cover/Land Use.
As part of its effort to assist participating countries in becoming "REDD-ready", BlackBridge holds an extensive archive of RapidEye imagery, which provide users with an excellent multi temporal data source to produce land use maps, monitor changes in vegetation health and forest extension, etc. Whether identifying which areas are forested or tracking the change of land use over multiple years, BlackBridge is the best partner. Wall-to-wall coverages of most REDD countries are available in our archive for use under the UN REDD and REDD+ initiatives.

Verified Carbon StandardsA review of forestry applications in Remote Sensing and GIS reveals an extensive range of activities. Geographic Information Systems for forest management may be characterised by two broad and related categories : ​