Harvesting Interpretations

Harvesting Interpretations using Rapid Eye

The Key Benefits are :
  • Using red edge sensor from Rapid Eye we can do density each block of plantation. The analysis is the series of data from beginning of the planting until couple week before the harvesting. This process is to the operation and decision maker predict the result of each block plantation.
  • Mapping of the infrastructure in the plantation included the road, river, building and bridge. This result can support the management to infrastructure make a plan for development the plan of infrastructure development.
  • Reporting and statistic calculation.
  • To have more accurate data we do ground survey for to collect Mutispectral information and Ground Control Points.
  • Give cost calculation analysis, such as: prediction of fertiliser needs, farmers treating the plant, needed seeds in certain area.
  • Plantation condition and analysis of surrounding planation.
  • It can be used as facility to convince the investor or bank guarantor in supporting the finance of plantation operation.