What you can get from WebGIS for Asset Management

The asset that separate in many area not only in the same geographic location but also in the others geographic area. The asset need to maintenance and utilization. The system propose to mapping the spread of the asset but also to monitor and control the asset.

The Key Benefits are :

  • Have a informative visualisation of the asset on the top of map.
  • The system are able to integrated others information related with the asset i.e. the pdf contract of the purchase of the asset, detail map drawing of the asset, type of the asset, picture, video of the asset and many others information.
  • Integrated as a background google map and satellite.
  • The system can be access from the browser (include the privilege of the user login) and this can support the decision maker make better decision.
  • Mobile access.
  • Scheduler remainder for asset need to maintenance or replace.
  • Subject to custom to meet with the user requirement and many more benefits.
  • Reporting hardcopy and softcopy.