OSLOG (Fleet Management System)

How OSLOG be your solutions

By utilizing One Spirit Map & open data model platform, developers can build related application to either logistic or transportation or geospatial information on OSLOG core.
We build OSLOG with the understanding of giving easy access & usage with enterprise application such as ERP, SAP, Microsoft Enterprise, Oracle, etc.

What you can get from OSLOG lite

Monitoring and Safety

  • Able to monitor the activity of the vehicle in and out of the station (the time and duration).
  • Updates the amount of vehicles in-and-out of the station.
  • Real-time status information of the vehicle(On Duty, Available or not, maintenance).
  • Information on the cost of the trip per period (Ritase).
  • Making sure every vehicles carries WOL (work order letter).

  • Noting down the WOL of every vehicles outside of the pool.

Making sure of the full requirements of the vehicles and drivers according to the HSE standards using OSCHECKER app.

Vehicles and Drivers Management

  • Management data and information of the driver

  • Drivers mileage Information

  • Management of vehicle documents (Vehicle Registration Cards,etc)

  • Data Management & Vehicle Information

    -Vehicle mileage Information

    -Completeness management of vehicle letters

    -Service Reminder information based on distance and or time

    -Vehicle history Logging (Transfer, Disposal, Write Off, Accident)

  • Data Management & Vehicle Information

  • Vehicle mileage Information

  • Completeness management of vehicle letters

  • Service Reminder information based on distance and or time

  • Vehicle history Logging (Transfer, Disposal, Write Off, Accident)

  • Equipped with Alert and Reminder of vehicle and driver’s letters that will expire in validity period.

  • Notifications will be displayed on the website, sent to your e-mail, and Telegram app

What you can get from OSLOG Javaz

Order Management

This module covers the sales process of receiving orders, monitoring orders, and completing orders. This system can be integrated with the system of TMS (Trucking Management System) that owned by the customer.

Plan & Dispatch

This module is made to plan effective and efficient delivery in accordance with the Service Level Agreement of the customer. One of the functions of the E-POD is to accelerate the bill process, by sending evidence of electronic delivery of goods that can be integrated and delivered in real-time to the finance application.

Dashboard & Report

Dashboard & Report can display revenue-per-sales, potential lost per-period analysis, and other analytics Sales Performance.

Provide progress information delivery of goods, with interactive dashboard to monitor the real-time progress of freight delivery.

Dashboard & Report can provide long information of loading/unloading queues, length of loading/unloading process, and length of document completion before the vehicle exits the customer zone.

This Dashboard and Report gives you notifications of behaviour driver abnormalities and balance score card drivers behaviour.

There are a variety of reports and analytics such as fuel usage report, temperature, and more. The entire Dashboard & Report can be customized and adapted to the business analytics methods that customers use.

Other Benefits