OSCARP (Car Pooling)

The speed at which we are doing our activities these days requires rapid and optimum response. The transportation industry is not spared from this trend. There have been many corporations and industry facing the challenges in transportation in terms of reliability, high cost, convenience, as well as external factors such as traffic congestion.
GPS is one of the wonderful innovations that has been widely used to assist in providing exact location of an object on the face of the earth. Leveraged to a different scale GPS can also be tracked and operated via web-based or mobile application.


We have seen this potential use of GPS and incorporate it into our OSCarpooling System or OSCARP. This application has been created to answer the need for a reliable application to manage the vehicle operational procedure, from ordering and dispatching vehicles, driving a number of passenger to different locations or picking them up in various locations.

Ordering OSCARP can be very simple. You simply need to fill in the Order Form: Log in and fill in the order information that you need to in your smartphone. As soon as you click ORDER, this order will be sent to the center that will dispatch this message to the driver.

In terms of analytics, OSCARP enables you to obtain data for further analysis:

  • Verification of order status
  • Determining the most frequent orders
  • Calculation of highest order for each staff/department/division
  • Calculation of total global as well as individual cost
  • Assisting in planning for the operational corporate vehicle and budgeting as OSCARP allows optimum utility and reducing cost
  • Assisting to monitor driver performance

One Spirit Carpooling System (OSCARP) offers three types of application:

  • Web-based application for dispatcher that serves to manage order.
  • OSCARP mobile application for passengers (OSCARP-mP) that serves to book order.
  • OSCARP mobile application for driver (OSCARP-Mobile Driver) that serves to verify and execute orders, etc.

OSCARP can also be integrated with the existing system that has been used in your company, such as the ERP and other enterprise solutions. This helps OSCARP to become an almost ideal solution for your company operational vehicle management. The implementation of OSCARP will ensure an increase in vehicle utilization, as it will prompt sharing the ride with other staff with different purposes. There will also be an efficiency of vehicle use and fuel consumption.