The rapidly transforming business landscape means that there are currently many human resource management challenges which will continue to evolve for years to come.

We would like to highlight two of the challenge in managing Human resource:

1. HR Effectiveness Measurement

How can improvement happen without the right tools to measure HR effectiveness?

As with many other areas of business, this profession (employee) also needs to be able to measure not only by the result but also by the process to achieve the target. In the others point of view that the professional (employee) work doesn’t always happen at work or inside the cubicle. It happens everywhere. An increasing number of people are now working remotely at home or in their favourite local spots or people need to work in the field for example worker in plantation, mining and other industry. Even office workers who follow a routine 9-to-5 schedule get most work done outside the office. Work is possible as long as there is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop available.

2. Secure and Safety

The company  who has employee working in the field need to make sure that all employee are in the safe and secure environment. The Integration of geospatial and technology of real time tracking deliver solution for this.

3. HR Integrated Tools (Platform)

Managing Human Resource need a technology involving. The technology or platform should be able to integrated with others platform bring value and to achieve the effectivity and work efficient. The platform or system is not only can integrated with Human Resource system but also if needed can be integrated with source of Geospatial data (Map) i.e., Integrated with Open Source map or Others Web GIS Portal as source of based map.  


This is some of the background we develop a Geo HR platform. We can manage the activity of our employee on the top of geospatial information (map). 

The System Configuration and What Geo HR can do

Some sample of Geo HR User Interface

Integrated existing absence (fingerprint, RFID, etc.) or with a real time tracking system that an employee tracks using a smartphone and a personal tracking device with Geo spatial human resource (GEO-HR)

Historical Employee Activity

User interface that can be used to display the employees tracking history.