Value Proposition

  • Optimize application of water, nutrients and other inputs to ensure
    highest productivity of trees
  •  Identify yield impacting issues earlier and more accurately
  • Reduce over-application of pesticides & nutrients through more
    efficient application timing and quantity
  • Improve logistics efficiency and reduce loss through accurate
    automated yield forecasting
  • Reduce labor cost through automation of key management
  • Optimal productivity & plantation health management reduce
    operational risk
  • Sustainability commitment reduces contract risk due to negative
    NGO campaigns


Platform as a Service

  • Platform comprised of multiple micro-apps
    • Crop Health
    • Yield Forecasting
    • Water Management
    • Fire Monitoring
    • Inventory Management
  • Cloud-based data integration
  • Role-based user access across enterprise
  • Imagery (satellite & aerial)
  • In-field sensors
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Historic & current data
    • Yield
    • Application
    • Variety
    • Weather

Crop Health


  • Crop Health Map (NDVI/GNDVI)
  • Stress Change Detection Map
    • Highlights areas of increased stress for focused in-field attention
  • Skip Detection
  • Bi-Weekly Imagery (twice monthly)
  • Recent (generally <3 days old)
  • 5m high resolution
  • Delivered on AgClarity™ Portal
  • Identify problem areas quickly
  • Prescribe precision applications of fertilizer, etc. to save input costs
  • Increase yield through optimized health



  • Yield Forecasting
    • Quality*
    • Quantity
    • Timing
  • High accuracy, earlier in season 
  • Dynamic/High frequency forecasts
  • Advanced analytics based on historical
    results & near-real time imagery.
  • Proprietary artificial intelligence
  • Predict how much and when.
  • Optimize labor for harvest
  • Optimize mill supply
  • Minimize mill downtime

Yield Forecasting


Map predicted yield volumes across plantation to determine optimal harvest points at field level.

Water Management


  • Weather stations, Canal/Pond water level sensors, Water table sensors,
    Soil moisture sensors
  • All devices, communications and software included
  • Determine plant/leaf moisture levels across plantation
  • Allows extrapolation of soil moisture data with fewer sensors
  • Moisture imagery updated every 3-4 weeks.
  • Manual scouting allows in-field calibration of sensors and corroboration
    of data (ground truthing)
  • Collect additional data layers not available through wireless means.
  • Maintain network of sensors.

Inventory Management


  • Dynamic tree counts
  • Early and ongoing tree inventory
  • Ultra hi-resolution satellite imagery.
  • Advanced machine learning.
  • Maintain inventory count in each stand.
  • Reduce manual methods of tree counts.
  • Ensure planting contracts fulfilled
  • Manage aging impact to yield throughout stand lifecycle.

Pest Management


  • Forecasting pest/plague probability
  • Mapping extent of affected area
  • Advanced analytics based on historical
    activity & near-real time imagery
  • Weather-related development
  • Phenological cycle matching
  • Proprietary artificial intelligence
  • Improve proactive treatment capability.
  • Increased precision of treatment application.
  • More focused/efficient scouting.

Fire Warning


  • Active fire mapping.
  • Active fire proximity alerts.
  • Regional scale.
  • Satellite imagery
  • Advanced statistical modeling
  • Identify active fires in area quickly.
  • Early warning helps with risk mitigation.
  • Ultra low-cost, high potential value.
  • Utilizes MODIS & VIIRS satellite data.
  • Maps locations of active fires. 
  • Refreshed every 4 hours.
  • Sends alerts via email or SMS if fire is
    within customer area of interest.

Fire Risk

Choose One Option

Risk Mapping Data Inputs

  • Low-cost forest flammability model.
  • Utilizes MODIS & TMPA satellite data.
  • Replicates fuel moisture content.
  • High Resolution Risk Mapping.
    • MODIS-derived fuel moisture (daily).
    • NDWI canopy moisture mapping (monthly).
    • High resolution satellite vegetation stress mapping (weekly).
    • Manual calibration (quarterly)
      • Soil moisture
      • Litter volume/moisture.
  • High resolution risk mapping.
  • In-field sensors.
    • Soil moisture.
    • Litter moisture.
    • Weather stations.
    • Manual calibration (monthly)
      • Soil moisture.
      • Litter volume/moisture.
      • Leaf area index.
  • Mapping extent of affected area

Speciality Solution


CANOPYTRACK – Pollination Readiness Monitor for Oil Palm & Coconut

  • Ensuring optimal yield through genetic control in breeding seeds
    accomplished through manual pollination.
  • High financial and safety costs associated with large scale pollination
    bag program due to heavy manual labor requirement.
  • CanopyTrack remotely monitors bag-protected inflorescence to
    determine optimal timing for manual pollination.
  • When inflorescence is at peak time to receive pollination, an
    automated alert is sent to farm manager
  • Higher percentage of successful manual pollination.
  • Lower missed “pollination window” rate.
  • Requires significantly less labor to determine pollination windows
  • Improves labor safety and lost productivity.