KOMPSAT-5 satellite Information

The KOMPSAT-5 will supply the X-band SAR(Synthetic Aperture Radar) Images to world market in 2014


KOMPSAT-5 operations. The main mission objectives of KOMPSAT-5 system are to provide the following applications (GOLDEN mission:


The KOMPSAT-5 spacecraft was launched on August 22, 2013(UTC).


Dawn-dusk frozen orbit, altitude 550 km, inclination 97.06º , period 95.78 minutes. LTAN (Local Time on Ascending Node) is 06:00 AM.

System Architecture of KOMPSAT-5

The KOMPSAT-5 system consists of space segment, ground segment, launch segment, and various external interface

Imaging modes

The KOMPSAT-5 can be acquired in three observation mode. Observation modes with one polarization selectable among HH, VV, HV, or VH

High Resolution mode

high-resolution mode collected over a small area by steering the radar beam slightly fore-to-aft during the collection period.

Standard mode

a medium-resolution mode collected over long, continuous swaths in which the beam is pointed broadside to the satellite track.

Wide Swath mode

a low-resolution mode that creates extra-wide swaths by collecting short segments at different ranges and then mosaicking them together.