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SI Imaging Services(SIIS) is a leading satellite imagery provider for Remote Sensing and Earth Observation. The SIIS has the Exclusive Worldwide Marketing and Sales Representative of KOMPSAT series which is KOMPSAT-2, KOMPSAT-3, KOMPSAT-3A and KOMPSAT-5. Also SIIS serves DubaiSAT-2 and Deimos-2 satellite imagery worldwide. Those two satellites developed by Satrec Initiative(SI). 

“SIIS is pleased that KARI has selected us as the representative for KOMPSAT imagery sales. The KOMPSAT imagery will serve worldwide customers as an alternate source of earth observation data,” said Sungdong Park, President and CEO of Satrec Initiative. “Also, we expect the growth of Korean remote sensing industry through commercialization of KOMPSAT imagery by domestic company.


GKARI is the Korean institute dedicated to aerospace research, and is in charge of Korean Space Program. KARI has developed, and operated its optical remote sensing satellites such as KOMPSAT-1, KOMPSAT-2 and KOMPSAT-3 and will launch the first Korean SAR satellite, KOMPSAT-5, shortly.

KOMPSAT-2 was launched on 28 July 2006 and is expected to be operational until the year of 2014. KOMPSAT-2 provides 1m resolution panchromatic and 4m resolution multispectral images. The catalog of KOMPSAT-2 is available at

KOMPSAT-3 was launched on 18 May 2012 and has unique local time of 13:30. It provides 0.7m panchromatic and 2.8m resolution multispectral images. The catalog of KOMPSAT-3 is available at

KOMPSAT-5 is equipped with a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) payload, which will provide spotlight mode (1m), strip mode (3m) and scanSAR mode (20m) data. KOMPSAT-5 will be launched early next year to complete unique constellation of two VHR EO satellites and a VHR SAR satellite.

KARI has chosen Satrec Initiative for its ability to develop international customers and data distribution network, as well as long experience in space industry. Satrec Initiative will deliver high quality image data to worldwide customers through collaboration with existing satellite operators, and in addition to that, building its own KOMPSAT data distribution network


        As a prestigious Korean institute dedicated to aerospace research, KARI ensures safer and higher quality of life for Korean people through aerospace technology development while incorporating their aspirations and values for the sky and the universe through aerospace expansion. Since the establishment in 1989 as the key national research institute for aerospace technology, KARI has made enormous strides in the field, especially in parts such as the opening of the Naro Space Center, the development of Naro, Korea’s first space launch vehicle, Korean Helicopter Program, the Smart UAV Development Program and the improvement of multipurpose satellite technology to the point where it can be compared to that of advanced countries.


          Satrec Initiative is the leading solution provider for Earth observation missions, offering customers worldwide high performance, cost-effective turnkey satellite platforms, electro-optical instruments, ground systems and satellite imagery. Focusing sincerely on the customers’ needs with innovative technologies, Satrec Initiative has delivered optimized high quality solutions to over 20 customers in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Satrec Initiative is a private company listed in Korean stock market, KOSDAQ, since June, 2008, with corporate headquarter in Daejeon, South Korea.

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