RapidEye Mosaics

UAV-Orthorectified Imagery Integrasia Utama

Beyond Borders - RapidEye Mosaics are the product of our constellation of 5 identical satellites that images over 1 billion km² of the earth every year with up to 5 million km² collected daily. This unprecedented collection capacity has created a vast and fast growing archive that is the source of our Mosaics.

Multiple RapidEye satellite images covering a country or region, all with minimal cloud cover, are compiled to generate RapidEye Mosaics™. These images are geometrically aligned and orthorectifed using highly-accurate ground control. They are uniformly color-balanced to guarantee a high-quality natural color image that is produced using the native Red, Green and Blue bands of RapidEye images. The RapidEye Mosaics are conveniently formatted into a ready-to-use product, in standard file formats that are Open & Go GIS-ready, requiring no further processing.

Off-The-Shelf Mosaic Product Specifications

 RapidEye Mosaics Product Specifications (PDF)

Product AttributeDescription
Product Components
and Format

RapidEye Mosaic product consists of the following file components:

  • Image File: GeoTIFF file that contains image data and geolocation information
  • Metadata File: XML format metadata file
  • Browse Image File: GeoTIFF format
  • Spatial Image Map (SIM) fileset – ESRI shapefile (SHP) format
Image BandsNatural Color – Red, Green, Blue (RGB)
Image Bit Depth8-bit
Cloud Cover3% or less (excluding selected areas)
Product Tile SizeStandard tile size is 30 min x 30 min (approx. 55 km x 55 km at the Equator)
< 0.5GB per tile
Horizontal DatumWGS84
Vertical ProjectionUTM