Ortho Take Product

SIOPAS Background

The RapidEye Ortho Take Product (Level 3B) extends the usability of orthorectifed RapidEye products by leveraging full image takes and adjusting multiple images together to cover larger areas more accurately with fewer files. Each 3B product is a full swath-width orthorectified image that has been adjusted and trimmed to ensure the accurate placement and complete coverage.

Product Attribute                   Description
Product Components
and Format

The RapidEye Ortho Take Product consists of the following file components:

  • Image File – GeoTiff file that contains image data and geolocation information
  • Metadata File – XML format metadata file
  • Browse Image File – GeoTiFF format
  • Unusable Data Mask (UDM) file – GeoTIFF format
Pixel spacing5 m
Bit Depth16-bit unsigned integers
Spectral BandsBlue: 440-510 nm
Green: 520-590 nm
Red: 630-685 nm
Red Edge: 690-730 nm
NIR: 760-850 nm
Product SizeOrtho take images are cut and blackfilled to the AOI but may be up to 77 km width by 150 km long.
~ 4GB per file for 77 km x 150 km 3B ortho image
Product OrientationMap North up
Geometric Corrections
  • Sensor-related effects are corrected using sensor telemetry and a sensor model, bands are co-registered, and spacecraft-related effects are corrected using attitude telemetry and best available ephemeris data.
  • Orthorectified using GCPs and fine DEMs (30m to 90m posting)
Horizontal DatumWGS84
Map ProjectionUniversal Transverse Mercator (UTM)
Resampling KernelCubic Convolution (default), MTF, or Nearest Neighbor
Product FramingArea based framing – a geographic region is defined by order polygon. The product width can be up to the full image swath as observed by all bands (~77 km at nadir) and up to a maximum length of 150 km. Images are cut to a minimum bounding rectangle and are black-filled 1 km beyond the order polygon used during order placement.