Basic Product
(Level 1B)

RapidEye Basic Product (Level 1B) data has been minimally processed and is ready for users who wish to do their own image processing

RapidEye Basic Product data is radiometrically corrected, sensor corrected and band aligned providing imagery as seen from the spacecraft without any further corrections for any terrain distortions.

The imagery data is accompanied by all the necessary metadata that, when combined with user supplied DEMs and GCPs, allow for custom processing the data into a geo-corrected form to suit the user’s needs. The imagery is delivered as a group of single band NITF files with a resolution of 6.5 meters GSD at nadir.

The radiometric corrections applied to the RapidEye Level 1B product are:

The geometric sensor corrections applied to the RapidEye 1B product correct for:


Attributes of the RapidEye Basic Product.

Technical Specifications (PDF)


Product Attribute              


Product Components
and Format
The RapidEye Basic Product consists of the following file components:
  • Image File – Image product delivered as a group of single-band NITF 2.0 files with associated RPC values. Bands are co-registered.
  • Metadata File – XML format metadata file. Metadata file contains additional information related to spacecraft attitude, spacecraft ephemeris, spacecraft temperature measurements, line imaging times, camera geometry, and radiometric calibration data.
  • Browse Image File – JPG format
  • Unusable Data Mask (UDM) file – GeoTIFF format
Pixel spacing                                         
6.5 m at nadir. Native camera pixel spacing.
Bit Depth
16-bit unsigned integers
Spectral Bands
Blue:       440-510 nm
Green:     520-590 nm
Red:        630-685 nm
RedEdge: 690-730 nm
NIR:         760-850 nm
Product Size
Approximately 77 km wide with a variable length of between 50 km and 300 km462 Mbytes/25 km along track for 5 bands. Maximum 5544 Mbytes.
Geometric Corrections
Idealized sensor, orbit and attitude models. Bands are co-registered.
Horizontal Datum
Map Projection
Resampling Kernel
Cubic Convolution (default), MTF, or Nearest Neighbor
Product Framing
Geographic based framing – a geographic region is defined by two corners with the image oriented to the direction of flight of the satellite which is off from north by approximately 8 degrees.