Planet Lab

One of the Planet Lab product is RapidEye.

RapidEye is the satellite imagery with 5 meter resolution. With Red Edge sensor RapidEye data is suitable to chlorophyll analysis for Agriculture and Plantation. The others benefit is there is 5 RapidEye satellite available to collect data this is higher change to collect data with less cloud cover.


DigitalGlobe is the leader in the remote sensing and geospatial industries – providing high resolution satellite images and geospatial content.

SI Imaging Services (SIIS)

SI Imaging Services (SIIS) is a leading satellite imagery provider for Remote Sensing and Earth Observation. The SIIS has the Exclusive Worldwide Marketing and Sales Representative of KOMPSAT series which is KOMPSAT-2, KOMPSAT-3,KOMPSAT-3A and KOMPSAT-5 Image. Also SIIS serves DubaiSAT-2 and Deimos-2 satellite imagery worldwide.