Our Products


Integrasia Utama is one of partners and distributors of high resolution satellite imagery. Among other is Digital Globe that owns Quickbird (0.6m resolution) and Worldview-2 with 0.5m resolution.
And also distributor in Indonesia for RapidEye imagery with 5m resolution equipped with Red Edge band that helps us in extracting plants chlorophyll value that is fitted for plantation, agro, and forestry. The other satellite imagery that partner with us are Kompsat and Kazakhstan satellite imagery.


UAV’s is Unmanned Aerial Vehicle systems offer on demand. Unmanned aircraft are the superior alternative to flying traditional aircraft for aerial surveillance and analysis. They provide images for aerial photography, exploration, disaster recovery, and a multitude of other uses.

RPMA (Random Phase Multiple Access)

RPMA, or Random Phase Multiple Access, technology is a combination of state of the art technologies designed specifically and exclusively for wireless machine-to-machine communication.