More than simply a ceremonial celebration for most Indonesians, where streets are adorned with the fluttering red and white flag and all sorts of red and white paraphernalia, the 17th August is often the momentum when we think about our existence as a nation and what we, as a corporation, think about our contribution to the national transport and logistics industry.
We would like to take this opportunity to realign our missions to that of our beloved nation. We know that over the third of our younger generation, 65 million people, are the backbone of our nation. The mastery of knowledge and technology will become a significant element if we want to fully participate in globalization. This is where we have identified one of our roles. In Integrasia Utama we strive to nurture the young talents and allow them to create the new technology that would accelerate activities and business processes in transport and logistics. With our renowned product OSLOG Jyoti Core Solution, our effort has been recognized with our participation in CeBit 2014 in Hannover, yet we do not intend to rest on our laurels. We believe that there are still opportunities ahead. That is why we are pursuing our dream to finally create an Ecosystem consisting of our applications, that in Integrasia Utama is known as ILDM Platform. We invite Indonesian talents and entrepreneurs to integrate their system with our ILDM Platform, to finally result in one enterprise systems. In other words, with this Ecosystem, we welcome Indonesian software developers to synergize with us to create a connection or an integration to leverage our system into an enterprise solution.
And we realize that we would not achieve it without the collaboration with our young, forward-looking and ambitious Indonesian talents.
Happy Independence Day!