Why Integrasia Utama

As an enterprise, Integrasia Utama has followed the life cycle of an organization, from a startup company back in 2001 to the enterprise with feet firmly planted on the Geospatial (Mapping and GIS), Tracking Platform, and IoT Solution. Our dedicated teams of engineers and response units have made this achievement possible.


Our core business in remote sensing & digital mapping are providing solutions & consulting services to our customers. We have developed the vector based map to support the geospatial user to be able to utilize ONE SPIRIT MAP data with scaling at 1: 5.000 with high level information such as street names, point of interest, etc. The base map is meaningless without Application and Solution that can bring the value of the data.


OSMAP Platform contain geospatial data and map engine to develop the WebGIS Portal both data and map engine will enabler partner, startup company, and development community to speed up development their own product and services (application).


Our dedicated talent team has proudly developed a solution that is starting with OSLOG (One Spirit Logistic) and OSCARP (Car Pooling) based on this platform, we serve and support the Transportation and Logistics Industry. These solutions combine business process of transportation and Logistics to utilize geospatial data, which are integrated with real time data tracking.


In continuous improvement and innovations, we have released new products, which are OSME & OSME Plus (onboard entertainment System), SIOPAS & SIOPAS Plus (integrated business of asset management) and GEOHR (integrated business process of human resource). These solutions are integrated with geospatial, real time tracking capabilities and other IoT Solution.


With more than 18 years of experience in the market, we have learned how to navigate these changes and have emerged more confident on how we could contribute to the industry.

The Integrasia Utama path spells out our dedication and work spirit to capture the essence of integrated innovations in businesses related to geospatial, realtime tracking and IOT Solution. In brief, we are rewriting the rules for businesses as it is the point of reference for our team members and valued partners across the archipelago to continuously innovate the way we integrate solutions and create an ecosystem of applications (One Spirit Ecosystem).


Integration Brings Value


Our Value

Our values serve as the guideline for every path we have taken. They inspire and empower our team members to become responsible and dedicated to our causes in advancing the use of applications to streamline business processes. These causes are In the form of:

Creative and Innovative

To build our company by providing products and services that are market leader and meaningful for people. The products and services that we build has to be state of the art of technology.

One Spirit Team

To deliver the market leader product and service, every individual should give the best contribution to the team in achieving company goal. Individuals are encouraged to interact with all levels of management, sharing ideas and suggestions to improve effectiveness and our contribution to quality of life. 

Customers Oriented

We care about what we do. We build our products and services with high quality, performance, and value to earn the respect and loyalty of our customers.